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Comedy(56977) Drama(39467) Adventure(19715) Action(17878) Animation(12246) Sport(11759) Romance(11079) Crime(10952) Thriller(8389) Sci-Fi(7777)
2000(76959) 2010(7814) 1990(4682) 1980(2474) 1970(1464) 1960(244) 1950(150) 1940(79) 1930(30) 1920(1)
PG-13(27950) R(27118) TV-MA(11087) TV-PG(10474) PG(9630) TV-14(2581) G(1891) N/A(1412) Atp(1088) APPROVED(186)
Remember the Titans (2000)(2505) Reindeer Games (2000)(2321) High Fidelity (2000)(1929) Almost Famous (2000)(1811) The Contender (2000)(1797) O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)(1783) Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead(1776) The Beach (2000)(1618) Erin Brockovich (2000)(1594) Best in Show (2000) (1591) Bring It On (2000)(1555) Finding Forrester (2000) (1546) The Cannonball Run (1981)(1502) Miss Congeniality (2000)(1497) Me, Myself & Irene (2000) (1487) Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (2000)(1483) The Family Man (2000)(1460) Gladiator (2000)(1444) 28 Days (2000)(1431) The Replacements (2000)(1426)
Ashton Kutcher(390) Jerry Seinfeld(122) Jason Alexander(74) Matt LeBlanc(59) Matthew Perry(49) Tom Selleck(37) David Schwimmer(27) Wayne Knight(15) Ashley Benson(15) Charlie Sheen(14) Lucy Hale(13) Steve Carell(12) Troian Bellisario(12) Julia Louis-Dreyfus(11) Lisa Kudrow(10) Rainn Wilson(9) Shay Mitchell(8) Scarlett Johansson(7) Tom Hanks(7) Daniel Radcliffe(6)
Jesse Montgomery III(389) Jerry Seinfeld(93) George Costanza(56) Joey Tribbiani(51) Dr. Richard Burke(37) Chandler Bing(35) Ryan(14) Newman(14) Michael Scott(12) Dwight Schrute(9) Dr. Ross Geller(8) George Costanza(7) Harry Potter(6) Mr. Douglas(6) Elaine Benes(6) Jim Halpert(5) Pam Beesly(5) Dolores Abernathy(5) Ron Weasley(4) Angela Martin(4)
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