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Saving Private Ryan (1998)(2347) Bulworth (1998)(2294) He Got Game (1998)(2239) Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) (2102) Armageddon (1998)(2053) Trolls (2016) Animation(1895) The Negotiator (1998)(1817) Rounders (1998) (1814) You've Got Mail (1998)(1772) There's Something About Mary (1998)(1763) Lethal Weapon 4 (1998)(1717) Patch Adams (1998) Comedy(1706) Shakespeare in Love (1998)(1663) The Truman Show (1998) (1635) The Wedding Singer (1998)(1584) American History X (1998) (1553) Animal Kingdom (2010)(1504) Brink! (1998)(1496) Little Voice (1998)(1484) Nocturnal Animals (2016)(1479)
Sarah Jessica Parker(300) Cynthia Nixon(297) Chris Noth(219) Kristin Davis(166) Ashton Kutcher(121) Dana Wheeler-Nicholson(69) Noelle Beck(33) Willie Garson(32) Kim Cattrall(31) Justin Theroux(14) Jerry Seinfeld(12) Charles Keating(12) Jordi Caballero(11) Karl Geary(10) Timothy Olyphant(9) Gabriel Macht(8) Scarlett Johansson(7) David Schwimmer(7) Josh Pais(7) David Aaron Baker(7)
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